International Balloon Festival 2013
15 al 18 de Noviembre
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in the city of León Guanajuato. Cost: $55.00 MXN


In 1783, a first manned flight was made reaching a height of 3280.84ft.
Brothers Joseph-Michel and Jaques-Étienne Montgolfier were the pioneers of hot air ballooning. The 4 of June of 1783 made their first adventure; they succeeded in elevating a spherical bag made of linen wrapped in paper of 11 m in diameter, 800 m3 and 226 kg full of hot air, travelling 2 km for 10 minutes, reaching an altitude of almost 2,000 m.

In 1842, Don Benito León Acosta y Rubí de Celis, born in Guanajuato, managed to take of in a hot air balloon made by himself. It was the first time a balloon ever flew over México in History.

The biggest festival in Latin America

The biggest festival in Latin America
The International Balloon Festival in León, Guanajuato was founded in 2002, starting with the participation of 27 hot air balloons in its first edition.

The IBF keeps a sustained growth of 1,1150% since its first edition. In 11 years, the IBF has gathered nearly 2 million spectators that keep coming back to this great event every year.

The León International Balloon Festival is currently the biggest and most important rally in Latin America, and one of the most renowned around the world. In 2012, the IBF featured 200 hot air balloons and pilots from 15 different countries that were seen by over 375,000 spectators. The State of Guanajuato and the City of the León, home town of the event, received an income of more than 300 million pesos and a full hotel occupancy.

In 2013, the IBF is back and will feature 200 hot air balloons from around the world, 25 of these will be Special Shaped Balloons. Enjoy a great program full of music, colors and joy with your family.
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