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For the third year, the FIG embarks on a tour in Europe as Special Guest of different Ballooning Events. This time, the FIG returns once again to Barcelona, ​​Spain, home to the European Balloon Festival, with whom the FIG has already established a great friendship and close strategic relationship. Spain has always been a benchmark in the world of ballooning. Great tradition, old friend and promoter of the FIG, Spain sends about 30 pilots every year to fly to Leon, so a large number of participants of the EBF are also regular attendees at our Festival.

For the first time FIG visit Italy, and will be present with its official Balloon in the SAGRANTINO ITALIAN CUP INTERNATIONAL BALLOON CHALLENGE, one of the most important Ballooning Competitions in the world. The event will be held from the 22nd to 31st of July. While the FIG is not a competition event, Sagrantino also offers exhibits and free flights, common denominator for both events seeking to meet in order to create links, share experiences, strengthen and promote cultural exchanges and develop strategic relationships that allow strengthening the global aviation community.

It is important to consider that these two events are part of a serial of international competitions in Europe, they gather each year the best pilots and crews in the world in an atmosphere of brotherhood, peace and equality among nations.